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The 13 colonies were divided into three segments. New england (Rhode island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire), middle (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey)and south(Maryland, Virginia, North and South carolina, Georgiathey had characteristics that made them different from each other such as the fertility of their lands or how nice the weather was. In the New England colonies the weather was very cold since they lived closer to the north, the middle colonies had mild winters and a very nice climate and finally the southern colonies had the perfect weather and their winters weren't as cold as the ones in the New England colonies. When it comes to economy they all had slaves and in the middle colonies they would trade, import and export things. They would also take advantage of their location since they had ports and rivers. New england and the southern colonies where a
bit more esctrict about people's religion not like the middle colonies that were more open minded about religions.

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